Louise Couper
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I wanted to help those who want to write but have difficulty getting down to it. So, I watched myself as I proceeded…
Title: Resistance. It’s something that every creative person struggles with. So far, so good.
An image of lunch popped into my head. Panic. What’s in the fridge? Blog on hold… leftover bacon, eggs, leftover leek sauce = quiche.
Half an hour later, here I am.
What does ‘resistance’ really mean? Perhaps Mr Internet has a clue … Fifteen minutes later, I’ve still got a title only.
I search for articles on ‘how to write a blog’. I’ve written dozens of blogs, so why… we can all learn, right? Ten minutes later, I’ve still got my title. Think positively. No negative crap.
Lunch was good: chicken noodle cup soup with quiche. Blood sugar steady, I’m able for anything. Just do it!
I write for half an hour. Five hundred words. This writing life is so sweet.
I re-read. The look on my face is the one I had when the car dived into a pothole this morning or Jerry, when Tom catches his tail.  
Need to sweep leaves from the steps, or the postman may slip…
Next day: can anything be rescued? The title is good. The rest, too full of telling. So, let’s see. What’s important? Truthfulness. Tell it like it is.
And this is the finished blog.
What do you think?
Oh, goodness me, it’s tea time