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Philippa’s Farm
Winner of the Discovery Award for ‘best up-and-coming writers of modern fiction’, Louise Couper’s Philippa’s Farm is an hilarious take on living ‘the good life’ in the Irish Midlands.
'Happy families.  They’d put you off people for life.  Probably why I prefer animals.’  
So says Philippa Woodcock, fiercely independent and wittily outrageous, living her solitary life on a small farm within sight of the Slieve Bloom Mountains in Ireland.
Having abandoned the trappings of Dublin city life, she finds contentment in taking care of animals and running her farm business.  But her isolation is interrupted by the carry-on of the locals in the Esker Archaeological Society and the sudden unwelcome arrival of her wayward brother and sister.  On a visit to the Aran Islands, Philippa meets Gerald, a writer whose tweed jacket with red flecks sparks feelings she thought were gone forever.
When the bluebells are bursting forth and the damp earth offers no impediment to passion … something else does, something Philippa would never have imagined.
'An intelligent, moody heroine’ In-Dublin
'Amusing and touching, comic and tragic by turns and very well written.'  Farmer’s Journal
Philippa’s Folly
Best-selling sequel to Philippa’s Farm from Irish author, Louise Couper.
Honeymoons are like a cool drink on a hot day – you’d like to savour it but you’re so damn thirsty you gulp the whole lot in one go.  I tried to feign shyness, a slight indifference even, though such subterfuge was one of the greatest trials of my life.  In the end, my animal instincts got the better of me …
Marriage to Gerald has transported Philippa from her cosy farm in the Slieve Bloom Mountains in Ireland to his stately English mansion, Woodleigh Hall.  The enterprising Philippa shows her grit and determination in yet another commercial venture and experiences the down-to-earth warmth of Mr Manifold, the overly warm embraces of Canon Goodhue, the slyness of Gerald’s relatives, the joy and love of Flora, a final sad parting – and a wonderful discovery.
A real talent as a story teller… a triumph.  BBC
Fine and subtle storytelling.  The Examiner
Philippa’s Flight - this is where it all began
Philippa Woodcock, the newly appointed Dean of Art History, is weary of her academic success and fed up with the petty squabbling of university life in Dublin.
She flees to France where she meets Jack, a  handsome American, rich enough to finance a small farm, complete with goats in the South of France.  A romantic dream of love and the simple life come true?  Not quite.  When the golden summer in the South of France is saddened by farce, troubled by frustration and darkened by tragedy, Philippa has to find her own way to a place she can call home …
Best book yet – I enjoyed all the others but this has everything.  It’s a breath of fresh air.’  Books Programme, East Coast Radio
‘If this book were written a few decades ago, they’d be out in the streets burning copies of it.  It’s a book you won’t put down once you start.’  Radio 3
Philippa's Farm
Philippa's Folly
Philippa's Flight
Philippa's Flight
Philippa's Farm
Philippa's Folly
Philippa's Flight