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Long live launches and readings!
It was very nice to be invited to the launch of Clair O’Connor and Mairide Woods latest publications of poems, beautifully produced by Astrolabe Press.  Being of the usual introverted, writer-type, I have been shy about attending ‘come all ye’ launches but this time, I was amongst friends from the writing group.
And here is my point: with so much emphasis on ‘cost-effective’ these days, publishers lose sight of the fact that authors need an audience and audiences love listening to authors.  This sense of connection was palpable at Wednesday’s launch.
We felt moved, inspired and entertained.  Nothing else does this – not all the Youtube, Facebook or twitters in the world.
And how lucky to have the Irish Writers Centre as a venue where launches can happen.
A slightly different kind of launch is the ‘reading’ of a play, where actors for little or no money, script in hand, perform the play.  Last night, we were treated to The Shores of Bohemia - Celia de Fréine’s impressive new play (and gorgeous poster).  Not only does the playwright get invaluable ‘distance’ on the work but also feedback from the audience.  Another effective way to connect and at €5, a very inexpensive evening’s pleasure – with or without the Merlot.